miniature petitpoint cottage

Playful Chicks
73 X 47 stitches
1.52" X 0.98" on 48 ct gauze
1.8" X 1.2" on 40 ct gauze

These adorable little chicks could be made into a cushion or a wall hanging.

$ 8.00 (pdf by email)

This could be used either as a cushion or a framed picture.  It's designed from a photo of my kitten the day I brought her home for the first time.  "Schatz" is a term of endearment in German, used as honey or dear would be used in English.  Isn't she a little dear, and wouldn't she look cute in your dollhouse?

72 X 72 stitches
1.50 inches square
48 ct gauze

$5.00 (pdf by email)

Puppy Pillow

58 X 58 stitches
1.21 inches square
48 ct gauze

$5.00 (pdf by email)
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