Kitty Dreams Rug Chart

48 ct silk gauze
175 X 146 stitches

Based on an antique rug from the first half of the 20th century.  

$10.00 (pdf by email)

Peony Rug Chart

48 ct silk gauze
5.6" X 8.56"
269 X 411 stitches

The original carpet upon which this design was based was approximately 12ft. X 18ft.  with each flower being larger than a dinner plate.  I prefer it scaled down to a smaller size, but even if you decided to stitch it on 24 ct, the size of the design would be authentic to the original.  The design is in the style of Berlin Woolwork which was at the height of its popularity from about 1830 to 1880.  The lush, rich colors would have been popular in the late 1800s.  I have no information on the original design, but my guess is that it was factory made.  The center is a repeat design rather than a perfectly centered central motif.

William Morris Small Barr Hammersmith Rug Carpet miniature petitpoint chart pattern
Art Nouveau miniature petitpoint rug chart
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Small Barr Rug Chart

This design is based on a design by William Morris for one of his Hammersmith rugs.

48 count silk gauze
6.1" square
293 X 293 stitches

Colors are dark pewter grey, three shades of green, mahogany, brown, gold, straw, and white.

$12.00 (pdf by email)
william morris hammersmith rug little flowers miniature needlepoint chart
Little Flowers Rug Chart

This is another design based on William Morris's work.

48 count silk gauze
2.85" X 5.52"
137 X 265 stitches

Colors are dark pewter grey, three shades of green, mahogany, brown, gold, straw, and white.

$10.00 (pdf by email)

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Click image to see stitched detail.
Art Nouveau Rug Chart

Art Nouveau was a style that evolved out of the Arts and Crafts movement in the early 19th century.

48 count silk gauze
3.79" X 2.0"
182 X 96 stitches

Colors include two shades of blue, yellow, burnt orange, green, and black.  

$8.00   (pdf by email)
Child's Elephant Rug Chart

40 count silk gauze
2.58" X 2.08"
103 X 83 stitches

Colors: Christmas red dark, garnet, and
two shades of beige gray.  (The color
that DMC calls beige gray looks more
green than gray to me.)

$8.00 (pdf by email)
Click on picture to see stitched version.
miniature petitpoint cottage
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